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COVID-19 Update from The Olde Mill Inn

The safety and well-being of our staff and guests is of utmost importance to us, and we make informed decisions every day based on available information.  We know we are your home away from home, and we care about you! 

The Olde Mill Inn B & B is required to adhere to comprehensive health and safety procedures, and we pride ourselves on our standards as well as the many comments, ratings, and reviews we have received praising the quality and cleanliness of our small 8-room Inn.  In response to COVID-19 concerns, however, we looked for and identified some additional risk-minimization measures that we can take that are consistent with our already implemented and recognized high standards.



  • Due to TN health department regulations, our breakfast service is no longer being served in the dining room.  A full, hot breakfast will be delivered on a tray to a serving stand placed outside of your room between 9 and 9:30 a.m.  Breakfast will be served on eco-friendly disposable products along with a disposal bag.  We will knock loudly on your door to alert you that breakfast has been delivered.                                                                                       

  • Each room has a Keurig for self-service coffee, along with the necessary supplies.  




  • For safety reasons, the staff will not enter your room during your stay.  Please notify us if you need anything (toiletries, towels, etc.)                                                                                                

  • All non-essential items have been removed from the rooms (e.g. guest book and pen, guide book, etc.)                                              

  • We have replaced multiple-guest use items (such as large tissue boxes) with single-guest use items that will be discarded after your stay if you do not take them with you (e.g. travel-size tissue packs, individually-wrapped unopened toilet paper rolls, and bottled water/snack bags.)                                                      

  • We have also added cleaning- and safety-related products to each guest room for you to use during your stay (such as disposable face masks, disinfectant spray, disposable cleaning towels, and 6-hour hand sanitizer from BioProtect.)                      

  • Going above and beyond our already high standards of sanitizing all touchable surfaces and items between guest stays, we have implemented enhanced cleaning techniques that exceed B & B industry standards for protecting both guests and our staff (e.g. disposable cleaning aprons and towels, UV light stands and wands, SAN-Q medical-grade sanitizer, etc.)

Finally, additional signage reminding guests to please wash their hands has also been placed throughout the inn.

The restaurants and shops in our wonderful town are OPEN. Come to Cumberland Gap and enjoy fresh air, no crowds, leisurely strolls, quaint shops, and good food at our restaurants.  Come HOME to Cumberland Gap! 

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